About Us

Hi my name is Francesco and im going to talk to you about how I Got intressted in djing. I started geting passioned about djing back when I was liveing in italiy 7 years ago and at the time I was studying bartending school. Back at home in venice and from there I fell in love with music and started doing dj courses.

I also got intressted in djing because I got involved with one of the best discos in venice witch is called cantera caffe witch is located on the coast of trieste in a small tawn called sistiana witch I used to go there to dance and have fun . With my friands and there I got to meet some of the best djs such as MasterD and Stefano Munari and started to get to know them and make contacts.

Then from there I went to a town called Udine and have meeten another top dj called max zuleger witch was my teacher in djing and done the course with him for more then 3 months.

I then whent do do another dj course in a city called bologna and from there I did my first dj night with my teachers witch was a party organiesed from the school.

then from there I came back to london and started antother course with my dj teacher sterling I want to become a dj because I like music and I am a very opened person who injoys to shere his music intressed with other pepole.

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